Indoor Power Washing Done Right.

We use the most advanced processes in the market today, providing you with a high quality cleaning at a fraction of the cost. Tri-State Pressure Washing utilizes the best pressure washing surface cleaning and water reclamation system in the industry.

Our training, equipment and attention to detail is what sets our company apart from our competitors. The reclamation system uses 220 degree steam / hot water that powers our water vacuum surface cleaners that allows us to reclaim (reuse)  the contaminated water after it’s been cleaned. No water run-off to other areas of the site. Why spend money cleaning and leaving the dirty water on the ground to be backtracked to other areas on the property?

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House Washing Starting at $149.00


    Some of our happy customers

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    • NJ State Police
    • NJ OEM
    • City of Yonkers NY
    • Brick Township Municipality
    • Chile’s Restaurants
    • Harolds Deli
    • Stavola Construction
    • Burlington Chevrolet
    • McDonalds
    • Jackson Outlet Mall
    • Various Property Management Companies
    • BNK Equipment Repair
    • World PAC Shipping Facilities
    • Pavers
    • Poolside Areas
    • Store Fronts
    • Walkways
    • Play Areas
    • Gutters
    • Parking Garages
    • Restaurants

    The most advanced equipment.

    We use the most advanced two stage oil recovery/ separation filtering process in the market today. Our equipment has a three additional, four-stage water filtration process that cleans the reclaim water to 2.5 microns making it the best in the industry. Most companies only go to 20 microns so they are using dirty water to clean again… we do not!! Our custom built Sirocco vacuum reclaim and Tuthill blower systems have more than double the vacuum pressure of our competitors. This allows us to remove twice the reclaim water with results that save you money. By using the best, custom built, pressure washing reclaim systems available in the industry, it allows us to give our customers first-rate service and best quality at the absolute lowest cost possible.

    Heavy equipment, fleet washing; if it’s dirty we can clean it.

    Our waste water reclamation system removes the negative environmental impact by not allowing dirty waste water to filter into storm drains, waterways or estuaries. The runoff waste water is so clean, it will have no negative impact on the environment or trackback to high traffic areas. Whether you are a construction company, heavy equipment dealer or simply work with machinery on a regular basis, we can customize any service to meet your needs.

    Our mobile fleet washing service is second to none. We back it up with oil filtration systems that clean down to 2.5 microns. That’s four times cleaner! This ensures a completely SAFE runoff. Other features include water pre-heated to 225 degrees that melts grease and hydraulic fluid on contact. We also use Mosmatic undercarriage cleaners to get the best results possible. Our specialized tools make the difference. A difference you can see. Call today for a free demonstration.

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